Fireworks Framework

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  • Implementation of Hanabi for use in AI experiments
    • Support for 2,3,4 and 5 player games
    • Uses message parsing for ensuring game rules are followed
    • UI to allow humans to play with bots
  • Implemented AI techniques
    • Easy to extend Rule-Based agents
    • Over 40 rules based on human play
    • Agents from existing research
    • MCTS and prediction-based agents
  • Designed for research
    • Additional agents can be supplied on the classpath
    • Runners write CSV data, to allow for running experiments on clusters
    • Detailed logging of games, to allow analysis
    • Used for the Hanabi competition
    • Extenstive unit tests

Technology Stack

  • Java 1.8+
  • Maven
  • Bash (for cluster scripts)

Using the framework

The framework can be included using the following:


see Maven Central for use with other tools