The Dwarves of Glistenveld

An RTS game about digging holes and beating up goblins. This game is the first published by Nysko Games. It’s available on Steam.

Cat Game

This game was developed for global game jam 2019. The gameplay resolves around planting crops and protecting them from birds. The player has to retreat to safety at night in their house.


Hexmission was developed for the Global Game Jam 2018 game, the player needs to expand across the map by building satalites. The engine used for this game was developed in paralell.

Our Game

Control the wind to steer your ship and avoid obsticles. Collect the points in the level to win (Global Game Jam 2017).

Daily Trudge

An experiment in creating a logo-like game. Create an action sequence that solves the levels.

Campus Cat and the Quest for Fish

Our first Global Game Jam game! A simple platformer where you solve puzzles, every time a puzzle is solved that way of solving the level is blocked off, and you need to find a new solution.